Foot and Nail Care Tips for Women


Unless you are a foot model or even a regular model here in Ottawa, our feet are, probably, the most neglected part of our body. We walk, run, and stand on them and sometimes wear the occasional uncomfortable shoes we can find just to match an outfit for a night out in Ottawa. In any scenario, our feet need attention just as the rest of our body does. The following are some tips that will make your feet happier.

Softening Rough Feet

In order to keep your feet smooth you need to use a pumice stone on your callused feet while they are damp, preferably after a bath or a shower. If not you can soak your feet for around 15 minutes in warm water. This helps to soften the skin.

You may wish to add black tea to the water because the tannic acid acts as an antibacterial agent which aids in reducing the chance of athlete’s foot. Additionally, foot scrubs and Exfoliators that contain botanicals help remove dead skin. Afterwards, be sure to use a foot balm with urea or salicylic acid, these ingredients help soften the calluses.

Keep Your Feet Moisturized

Dry callused feet can crack and cause pain if left unattended. If your feet are in this condition, it may be wise to seek a podiatrist help. If not, there is plenty of OTC moisturizer you can find at many different Ottawa stores. Sometimes a medicated heel pad may help soften the calluses on your heels, (these are OTC without a prescription).

The best time to moisturize the heel is after exfoliation with a heavy cream. What to look for is a moisturizing cream with a petrolatum, emollient, or humectants as part of the ingredients. All three act to draw moisture into the dry skin.

Foot Fungus

There are many different OTC anti-fungal foot remedies available in Ottawa that come in many different forms such as foams, sprays, creams, lacquers, and powders. At best, they may alleviate some symptoms of foot funguses such as athlete’s foot. However, they will not affect toenail fungus.

Regardless of the type of remedy, the ingredients that have the most affect on milder forms of Athlete’s foot are clotrimazole, terbinafine, miconazole, ciclopirox, tolnaftate, and melaleuca oil, (tree oil). What to look for in medicated powers or sprays for feet that sweat, are the ones that contain aluminium chloride hexahydrate, this will aide in keeping your feet dry.

Additionally, it is a best practice to keep your feet clean and dry because fungus likes growing in dark, damp places such as between the toes of a sweaty foot wearing socks. The optimal time to apply any foot powder is after washing and thoroughly drying your feet.

Protect Your Feet From The Sun

Here in Ottawa most people enjoy going barefoot with or without wearing sandals. In either case, it helps to apply a sunscreen to the top of your feet to protect them from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Yes, even your feet will get sunburned, which makes you susceptible to melanoma, (skin cancer). Using an SPF 30 will give you the best protection.

Support Your Feet

Understandably, some of us tend to stand a lot and for long periods. Even walking on hard surfaces such as a concrete floor in an Ottawa warehouse or retail shop can and will affect your feet. This means that getting insoles for your shoes will help alleviate foot discomfort in addition to knee, hip, and lower back pain.

Never Neglect the Toenail

Pedicures are fun and relaxing, especially when someone is doing it for you. Poor trimming can have negative effects on the overall health of your feet, causing ingrown toenails of hangnails. Most professional manicurists understand the nuances of toenail cutting like pushing the cuticle back instead of cutting it.

Cutting the cuticle may lead to infection. If you cut your own toenails be sure to use the proper tool called ‘Nippers’, they are shaped specifically to facilitate cutting the toenail along the natural arch of the nail. As we age our toenails tend to become harder and more brittle, which can make cutting them arduous.

Most professional manicurists in Ottawa recommend using nail polishes and removers without formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, or alcohol. All of these speed the hardening process by drying the toenail. In order to moisturize the toenail you can use vitamin E oil, cuticle cream, or petroleum jelly massaging it into the nail.


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