Staying Hydrated during a Game of Golf


Summer time in Ottawa and outdoor activities is a time when everyone needs to understand that, while having a good time in the sun is great, it is also a time to take care of their body. This means that stay hydrated is important because of the possibility of overheating the body and suffering from heat exhaustion. Ottawa is no different during the summer months as most other locations.

However, some parts of the world the heat of summer can get quite severe. Nevertheless, Golf, being an outdoor sport and pastime during this time of year can pose a risk to a person’s health. This means that while walking and perspiring a person can and will lose body weight. When this occurs their physical performance can also be reduced.

Statistically, when a person loses 2.5% of their weight, they also lose up to 30% ability to perform a physical activity. From a sport point of view, this can dramatically affect an outcome of an event. Golf is not the only sport where staying hydrated has a critical part. Although, on the surface the game of golf does not appear to put that much stress on the individual when compared to other sport activities such as Soccer, Baseball, or Football, it does take strength, and stamina to play at a consistent level.

Drinking Liquids While Playing Golf in Ottawa

The type liquids that a person may drink during a round of golf on a hot or temperate day will make a big difference in their performance. For instance, drinking ice cold liquids is not always a good thing on an Ottawa day that reaches 32° because it can overheat the body. Alcohol, while fun to consume, will dehydrate and increase the risk of heat stroke on a hot day like this.

Drinking soda is not recommended either because of the carbonation and sugar. The best fluid is always water. Albeit, there are drinks designed specifically to hydrate the body during heavy physical exertion, water is always going to be at the top of the list. Remember, this, as the body sweats it is losing moisture, this affects the muscles, brain, and the nervous system. Thus slowing reaction time, thought processes and strength.

Staying hydrated, (drinking plenty of fluids), helps the body maintain the given level of performance and helps to make playing a round of Golf here during the Ottawa summer enjoyable.

Try these local Ottawa Golf Courses, stay Hydrated and make the last few days of this Summer Enjoyable.  



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