Surprisingly Gas Furnaces Astonishingly Changed the World


If we enter our “way-back” machine and return to a time when everyone had wood burning stoves accompanied by fireplaces to heat their homes, we would immediately see how the gas furnace improved our quality of  life.

Moving forward in time to when the forced air heating unit became commercially available and we see that once installed as part of a home it is controlled by an electrical switch, (called a thermostat). The gas furnace naturally came after electricity, however, the mere entrance into the home building industry gave us all a higher level of comfort in our homes throughout and all other places in the world that needs indoor heat to survive.

The cost for operating such a unit is greatly minimized by the utilization of natural gas. Natural gas comes from deep in the earth and is odourless, which makes it perfect for indoor use as a combustible agent. How a furnace operates begins with igniting the gas inside a heating chamber. From here a fan blows air through the chamber into duct work that runs throughout the house and exits through vents located in the ceiling or the floor of each room.

Depending on how the ducts are placed inside the structure of the building here in Ottawa and Gatineau depends on whether or not they are insulated. This takes place by wrapping them in fibreglass sheeting designed for this purpose. Controlling the furnace happens with a device called a thermostat. This device acts like a timer that uses a thermometer to gauge the ambient air in the Ottawa  and Gatineau house and shuts off the furnace once reaching a set temperature. The settings occur with a dial making the overall operation of the furnace quite simplistic in nature.

Accordingly, gas furnaces are part of most modern buildings, both commercial and residential areas that have a high to medium population such as the region in and around Ottawa and Gatineau. This makes it easier for a natural gas company to route the gas throughout the area concerned.

Natural gas is by far the most economic and clean resource available in Ottawa and Gatineau. Other types of heaters and furnaces are made, however the most efficient is a furnace that burns natural gas.

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