Search engine optimization, (SEO), is a process that has many avenues to travel. That stated not all of them ever work as expected. The biggest reason behind this is every Ottawa company claiming to be an SEO expert, is the only expert in the techniques that they implement themselves. Additionally, when certain aspects are combined they tend to cancel each other and work against the targeted goals driving the efforts. How this takes places is the rules, set by the major search engines, Bing, Google, and Yahoo, for instance, will change.

These changes, therefore, cause the “experts” to change their tactics, meaning what helped drive an Ottawa website to the top may very well reverse the direction and put the website at the bottom of the search results. This can happen almost overnight, while the efforts to drive the website to the top takes months. These factors point to the importance of tracking the performance of all SEO efforts.

However, there is still the subject of whether or not a particular Ottawa SEO company uses what is called, “black hat” or “white hat” SEO practices, tactics, or techniques, for driving traffic to a given website or landing page. Moreover, from the mere connotation of the two types of SEO practices, (black or white), an awareness of what is acceptable become apparent quickly. Analysing performance of SEO is something that takes a good understanding of the basic tools and technics used in an effort to drive traffic to a given website.

 The most common of these are the “keyword” and the “backlink”. Google, Bing and Yahoo, all have tools that are designed to track how many visitors arrive at a page as well as their starting point, or where they clicked to get there. With theses two facets of SEO marketing campaigns, when designed well, can drive the right kind of traffic necessary to put a website in the top results of a search, when the right terms have been identified within the marketing content, e.g. the backlinks and keywords when used correctly.

Backlinks are tricky, in that a single link must also have a high quality rating, e.g. already receive a viable amount of traffic targeting the keywords found in its content. It should also match the content in similarity to the content using this link. Nevertheless, aside from this verifying the efforts of an SEO company by looking at their strategies and track records for current clients can paint you a picture of how well they can work for your Ottawa business.

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