3 Factors Affecting The Great Value Of Granite Countertops!


The natural effect that granite has, is to add value and beauty to your home here in Ottawa. However, this can come at a great expense to your pocketbook. Nevertheless, in the event that you are remodeling your home, the cost of having granite countertops is already factored into your budget.

The most common placement of this material as a countertop is in the bathrooms and the kitchen of the home. Understandably, the first determining aspect of the cost will be the colour and pattern of the slab. The reason behind this is the availability within a region and rarity of a particular pattern or colour.

Moreover, the type of granite, e.g. the region of its origin, as another determining criteria, for instance, European, Chinese, and South American mountain ranges as the common areas for granite quarries or mines, makes a difference in the price. In addition, labour costs for such things as the raw processing and shipping from the origin to processing plants, then to shops in Ottawa, further add to the expense of a single piece.

Furthermore, with either location in the house, (the bathrooms or kitchen), what factors next in the cost of the granite are the size and the shape of the slab. This determines the amount of cutting and edge finishing necessary for the piece or pieces to have the required look for the décor.

In any scenario, it is rare to find two slabs of granite that are identical in both colour and pattern in a large abundance. All of these factors have an effect on the cost of a single piece. That stated, depending on your tastes, there are different price points within the different types of granite found around the world. While the three main aspects affecting the price of granite are colour, origin, and pattern, the size and shape come next.

Theses are important things to keep in mind when setting a budget for a remodeling project using granite slabs in the bathrooms or kitchen of our Ottawa Home.

If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom or kitchens with granite countertops then consult with these local Ottawa Granite Dealers for the right service:


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