The most common concern a parent should have is for the health of their child’s teeth along with their general condition. The recommended age for an exam performed by an  Ottawa orthodontist is before the age of seven or eight. The reasons are many, however, there are three that are most important.

  1. The growth of the child’s jaw
  2. Their facial bone structure
  3. The number of teeth still emerging

Naturally, every  Ottawa child is going to develop differently. However, in the pre-teen years, it is best to have a child’s teeth examined once a year at the least or every six months to monitor the growth pattern is within acceptable ranges of healthy development. When a child has their first visit to an orthodontist, the doctor has the chance to create a baseline exam for comparison to future visits. Additionally, the doctor may identify any type of problematic situations present in the particular condition of the child’s mouth, teeth and gums.

In matters like this if the orthodontist catches any adverse condition, it helps to avoid future complications that can arise in their adult life. Accordingly, it helps develop a healthy mindset for oral hygiene and a reduced chance of contracting an unhealthy fear of a dental exam. Here in Ottawa there are Orthodontists that specialize in child exams and surgery for repairing issues developing out of normal growth.

If you have concerns about your child’s teeth talk to an Ottawa Orthodontist for advice and an exam.

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