In this day and age, because of the advances in technology, replacing a person’s tooth or teeth in Kingston has become less cumbersome than it has been in the past. This is a main reason why artificial teeth have become a popular alternative to dentures. Albeit, removing the old, damaged teeth is still a necessity for either method to work.

The Two Types of Tooth Replacement

The first is Subperiosteal; This is where a single tooth or a pair of teeth sit on top of the jawbone suspended between two posts that are attached to the bone through the gum. Normally, this method or type of false teeth, is found in people who do not have sufficient bone mass to support the implants or who are unable to sustain dentures.

The Second type is Endosteal; These are what you may envision as a dental implant. They are a false tooth attached to a titanium shaft that is drilled into the jawbone, (thus the implantation). They can be made to replace dentures or bridgework in individuals who cannot support dentures or wishing to replace their bridge.

Anyone and everyone may find they are either fully eligible, or not, for this type of dental procedure here in Kingston. In order to find out, you will need a complete dental exam to determine the condition of your gum tissue and the structure and health of your jawbone. If the gums are unhealthy they must get healed first, as long as the bone is healthy. If the bone is not healthy then you are not a candidate.

What The Process Involves

As stated it begins with a complete oral exam from your Kingston dentist, or orthodontist, with X-rays and a 3D panoramic view of your mouth. Furthermore, depending on how many implants are in order the operation may take a single visit or two. In any scenario replacing more than one tooth takes two implants with a bridge spanning the gap between them. In cases where there is a single tooth, then that tooth is replaced by a single implant.

The main consideration is the condition and health of the bone. There has to be sufficient mass in order for the bone to support the drilling and the insertion of the titanium shaft that holds the false tooth, (constructed out of porcelain or ceramic), that is shaped like the old tooth. This latter fact is facilitated from the 3D picture taken of your mouth. It is always best to consult with your  Kingston dentist about what is the best solution for regaining your smile, and general health of your teeth and gums. Even with dental implants, as with dentures, the individual still needs to follow some sort of oral hygiene regimen.

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