When it comes down to being a first-time homebuyer, there is a lot of things to consider besides the cost of the dwelling. If we consider the availability of properties for sale, here in Ottawa in a given neighbourhood, matching something close to the average housing cost back in 2012 the other considerations become, travel to and from local amenities and an individual’s place of employment. Thinking about these aspects points out possible additional costs of commuting to and from work and taking trips to the Grocery.

In a scenario where a person is renting a place in Centretown, as an example, where walking to and from work is part of the attraction. Buying a home in this area has limitations depending greatly on the availability of funding. If they were trying to locate a condominium costing less than $299,000, it would probably resemble a bedroom closet more so than what they had been living in. Nonetheless, if the person is willing to trade the glamour of the urban lifestyle for that of a roomier suburban lifestyle, then the following suggestions may entice even the most discerning individuals.

Parkwood Hills

Where: The borders are Meadowlands Dr E to the north, Viewmount Dr to the south, Fisher Ave to the east and Chesterton Dr to the west.

Condominium Price: $157,000-$380,000

Availability: six units

House Prices: $294,000-$990,000

Availability: ten units

Percentage of travel to work by automobile:  Seventy-two

The local commercial shopping for Parkwood Hills is east on Merivale Rd, stretching from Baseline south to Hunt Club Rd. While it is a collection of a wide variety of shopping in the region, it is practically right outside the front door while the Rideau River’s Mooney’s Bay and Hog’s Back parks are in the back. The point that stands out for the first-time homebuyer is the condominiums located along Meadowlands Dr E mixed in with townhomes as well. The crime rate is low and is a great neighbourhood for medium income first-time buyers. There are bus routes that travel between the University of Ottawa, Carleton University, and the downtown areas, which make for easy and somewhat time-consuming travel to these points. The neighbourhood is a mix of both twenty-something, and 55 and over who are living a budget-conscious life.


Where: The borders are Terry Fox Dr to the east, the Greenbelt to the west, Fernbank Rd to the south, and Hazeldean Rd to the north

Condominium Price: N/A

Availability: zero

House Prices: $224,999-$384,000

Availability: sixteen units

Percentage of travel to work by automobile:  Seventy-six

If you are not in the market for a condominium and prefer a house the Hazeldean area, southwest of Ottawa proper is where you can get your monies worth. Considered as one of the newer neighbourhoods with a majority of the house constructed between 1959 and 1981, which translates into medium sized lots, tree lined streets, in addition to a well-established shopping area located along Hazeldean Rd. The Canadian Tire Centre, the Bell Sensplex, and the Ron Maslin Playhouse are all located a few minutes north and are reachable via back roads, avoiding the heavier traffic found on the Queensway when going to the watch the Ottawa Senators Play. While a good portion of the inhabitants, travel by automobile there is a park & ride station at near the intersection of Eagleson Rd and Hwy 417, (Queensway), which travels to the downtown Ottawa area. Additionally, this area is close to the Stony Swamp Conservation Area, home of the Old Quarry Hiking Trial. On the side of caution when purchasing property there, ensure to have it inspected. This because of an area flood that damaged a lot of the homes there some time in 2009 and some still may show signs of deterioration.


Where: The borders are Albion Rd, west, Hunt Club Rd, south, Conroy Rd, East, and Johnston Rd to the south.

Condominium Price: $163,000-$280,000

Availability: ten units

House Prices: $279,999-$650,000

Availability: sixteen units

Percentage of travel to work by automobile:  Seventy-four

This is a packet area with two sides, the north, and the west having higher crime rates. That is west of Albion Rd and north of the tracks just above Johnston Rd. Greensboro is another of the younger communities surrounding Ottawa, and what makes it a nice place is the access to the O-Train at the Greensboro/South Keys station. There is a good mix of townhouses and condominiums that are all fairly close to the commercial centre located on Bank St. Tow popular recreation areas are Conroy Pit and Pine Grove Park. O’Grady’s Outpost is also there, which boasts some of the best food offered by any Pub in Ottawa.

Orléans Wood

Where: The borders are Orleans Blvd, west, Hwy 174, south, Champlain St, east and the Ottawa River to the north.

Condominium Price: $148,000-$270,000

Availability: sixteen units

House Prices: $285,000-$640,000

Availability: five units

Percentage of travel to work by automobile:  Sixty-three

Orléans Wood has condominiums priced to sell, and it is part of the fastest growing area in Ottawa. The commercial centres of Place d’ Orléans, (via Champlain St), and Orléans Town centre and downtown are all reachable via the bus lines. This is the most diverse neighbourhood in Ottawa with a large mix of French and English not found anywhere else in the city. In regards to the newness of the area, there is a minority of handy-man specials, around 2%, mainly because the community as a whole enjoys caring for the presentation and livability of their homes.

Riverside South

Where: The borders are Rideau River, west, Earl Armstrong Rd, south, Limebank Road, east, and the Black Rapids Locks to the north.

Condominium Price: $234,999-$250,000

Availability: five units

House Prices: $290,000-$1,900,000

Availability: forty-five units

Percentage of travel to work by automobile:  Eighty-seven

Riverside South is located southwest of the Ottawa International Airport and has the highest percentage of automobile users in our list. The reason it is last on this list of top five places to live is because of the selling price for a, newish, townhouse or condominium, circling around $249, 999.00. It is more of a rural community and it has a high growth rate accordingly. The bridge connecting Riverside South to Barrhaven adds to the available shopping and local schools, while the Parks for recreation provide plenty of outdoor activities. There are similar areas closer to the city, however, they do not portray the rural setting that the riverside community encompasses.

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