Epoxy coating makes a good choice for commercial and industrial concrete flooring. The epoxy coating not only extends the lifespan of the concrete floor but it also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the floor. Concrete Fusion recommends this flooring due to characteristics such as being tough and durable and these make it ideal for commercial application such as in industrial buildings, manufacturing plants, and warehouses.

The following are some of the key advantages of epoxy coating:

Easy to Clean
Epoxy flooring makes the concrete floor smooth and flawless which makes it easier to dust and clean of any dirt or debris. Ease of cleaning makes the floor suitable for application such as food and beverage plants and pharmaceutical industry.

An Aesthetic and Striking Surface
The epoxy coating provides the floor surface with an excellent gloss finish. You have the added advantage of choosing from a wide range of colors that will suit your taste and match to the décor of the property. With the numerous colors and patterns, you will get an aesthetically pleasing floor that is highly durable.

Chemical Resistant
Use of epoxy coating makes the concrete floor chemical resistant. The flooring is ideal for businesses or industries that handle corrosive chemicals. The epoxy coating is, therefore, best suited for industrial plants, warehouses, and manufacturing plants where chemicals will most likely affect the floor.

Safety is always a top consideration for all manner of properties and is even a greater priority for industrial facilities. There must be a safe and secure environment for employees and even machine operators. Epoxy coating is well suited for industrial floors due to properties such as being anti-slipping, heat resistant, and fire resistant. The gloss finish of the epoxy coating aids in brightening up the working areas and the entire facility/plant.

For Demarcating Areas
Epoxy floor coating is finding common use in the demarcation of different zones within a property since they are available in multiple colors and patterns. For example, a specific color can be used to indicate areas where foot traffic is restricted. Another color may be used to demarcate forklift traffic corridors and even to demarcate work zones.

Improves Production Capacity
The use of epoxy coating has advantages that extend to an improvement of productivity and production capacity. The flooring aids in the minimization of damage to transport and utility vehicles within an industrial facility. The flooring facilitates easier and faster movement of forklifts and vehicles while it doesn’t suffer any great damage. As such businesses are able to focus on their core functions since repair and renovations are minimal and these savings can be directed to the more important functions that improve production and business.

Epoxy coating is rated as an eco-friendly flooring material. Majority of businesses are content with all other advantages of the floor and the environmental benefits of having the floor. Talk to Concrete Fusion in Ottawa and get them to work on new flooring for your property.