Since the creation of dental braces to straighten teeth there have been few improvements over the years. However, the concept of speed braces in a definite improvement over traditional braces. The reason being is the mechanical structure has been modified. The change is in the brackets, where traditional braces use wire, and rubber banding to function, the brackets of the speed braces are independently attached to a rail of sorts instead, negating the need for the bands and wire.

This allows the brackets to smoothly move or straighten the teeth in an easier fashion, and without constant adjustments from the dentist. Because of the innovative design the time taken to straighten a person’s teeth has changed to as little as six months, which is a fraction of the time traditional braces take for the same outcome, thus the name “speed braces.” One point to consider also is that they are usable for both children and adults here in Ottawa.

A two fold reason as to why someone would want to have straighter teeth

The main reason in Ottawa for straightening a person’s teeth is to repair their bite, (malocclusion), which in certain instances hereditary. Having misaligned teeth can affect a person’s ability to chew in addition to how they may or may not smile. This presents a two fold reason as to why someone would want to have straighter teeth.

That being said, no one in Ottawa or elsewhere really wants to wear braces for the one or two years it takes for traditional braces to work their magic. Speed braces, which take less time, are the answer to this dilemma, in particular for adults. Additionally, there are two types, one that resembles traditional braces and the other is called “lingual speed braces.”

Only you and your Dentist will know

These types of braces are attached to the inner surface of the teeth, making them invisible to others. Much like a woman’s hair stylist, only they know if she colour her hair, you and your Ottawa dentist will know that you are wearing braces. There two points to understand however not everyone may be eligible to wear either type of speed brace and not every dentist is certified to offer them as treatment.

Dentists in Ottawa who have experience with cosmetic and restorative dentistry are able to offer speed braces, and they can determine, because of a person’s dental history, if the individual is a candidate. Between the two types of speed braces, the lingual allows for easier cleaning, (brushing), because of the greater surface exposure of the teeth as compared to the other type of speed brace. As it stands both offer a shorter period for straightening teeth, which is more desirable, and creates a better smile and healthier teeth.

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