Many homes and commercial properties across the country have got tempered glass windows and walls. While the reasons why tempered glass is preferred to regular glass are clear to those in the industry, they are less clear to many guys out there. This is why we decided to do this post.

Below we explain the advantages of using tempered glass over the regular glass. By the end of the post, you will understand why tempered glass is the material of choice for many property owners across the country.

1. Tempered Glass is Safer

Perhaps the biggest advantage of tempered glass over the regular glass and other glasses is that it is safer. It is safer because it is several times stronger than regular glass and, therefore, it does not break easily.

And even when it breaks, it does not break into small, sharp, and dangerous shards like regular glass. It breaks into blunt pebble-sized pieces that are not very dangerous.

Therefore, if you want window glass or glass wall that is safer than regular glass, that won’t break easily, and that will not break into sharp and dangerous shards that can cause deep cuts, you should choose tempered glass.

2. Tempered Glass is Stronger

Tempered glass is several times stronger than normal glass. This is because it is strengthened. So unlike traditional glass, it does not break easily. This means it is strong enough to resist weather elements like strong winds, snow, and rain. It is also strong enough to resist strong blows and impacts.

Because of the fact that tempered glass is stronger, it is often the material used to make glass walls in modern homes and commercial buildings.

3. Tempered Glass is Scratch-resistant

There is probably no other glass material that is as damage-resistant as tempered glass. This glass can withstand daily use, scratches, and minor impacts without getting damaged. This is the reason why it is used to make commercial windows, display cabinets, and residential doors.

So use tempered glass if you want a glass wall, window, or door that is damage resistant and will stay flawless for the longest.

4. Tempered Glass is Heat-resistant

When you expose traditional glass to heat, it expands and can shatter into sharp glass shards that can cause cuts and injuries. However, the special process of making tempered glass makes it heat-resistant. In other words, it can withstand higher temperatures for long without breaking into dangerous shards.

This is perhaps the main reason why tempered glass is utilized to make glass walls in bathrooms because the walls are constantly exposed to hot water.

5. Tempered Glass is Versatile

For us, the best advantage of this material is the fact that it is very versatile. Its versatility is thanks to its strength which makes it easier to use in different creative ways.

For example, the strength and versatility of tempered glass mean it can be used to make frameless glass structures such as commercial doors, shower doors, and room partitions. These structures can make any commercial or residential space more stylish and innovative.

The strength and versatility of tempered glass also mean it can be styled in different ways to match a client’s taste and preferences. For example, tempered glass can be engraved, clear-colored, frosted, or patterned, if a client chooses.

6. Tempered Glass is Quality

Do you want glass that is high-quality? Well, tempered glass is high-quality. Apart from being high-quality in terms of strength and safety, it is also high-quality in terms of clarity. The best-tempered glass material on the market offers crystal clear clarity making it perfect for making display cases, cabinets, glass doors, windows, and shower doors.

As you can see above, tempered glass has so many advantages over traditional glass and other types of glass. It is a fantastic choice for homes and businesses. Talk to us at Ottawa Valley Glass about your glass needs today, and we will offer you a solution that meets all your needs and requirements.