For some people in Ottawa, a condominium is all they can get depending on their finances and situation. That is not to say that the majority of people have the dream of buying a single family home. However, a number of benefits of condo living are overlooked by many prospecting homebuyers.

  • Low Maintenance Living: Condo living is not associated with trimming the bushes or mowing the yard after a long day of work. The maintenance of the unit is factored in fees paid to the association and will include snow removal, lawn care, and re-roofing. Sometimes, condo owners to meet the cost of some unexpected repairs.
  • Enjoy Extra Amenities: Condo owner can enjoy a wide range of amenities just outside of their doors such as gyms and workout facilities, swimming pools and party rooms that are provided at no added cost of ownership or challenges with maintenance. Most condos also have security for the entire establishment at no extra cost to owners.
  • Great and Pristine Locations: Most condos are developed in prime neighborhoods here in Ottawa that are well served by transport networks, are close to work, and near shopping malls and restaurants. These areas would be too expensive to afford and to live in. Ottawa home builder recommends condos as good financial investments since those in great locations retain or increase their value over time.
  • Good Value for Money: Condos are good value for money compared to standalone properties which come at extremely high cost. Condo owners also find that they have predictable budgets since maintenance is covered, unlike single-family homeowners who care for all maintenance routine or unexpected.
  • Strong Social Connections: Condo owners get to enjoy the multi-family living setup where they can enjoy regular or unplanned social interactions. Condos can provide a strong sense of neighborhood unlike the isolation associated with single-family units.

Condo living represents a viable option even though it not ideal for some potential homeowners in Ottawa. But Ottawa condos are highly recommended for potential homeowners in Ottawa seeking an active and low maintenance lifestyle.