Cedar is a widely studied tree and has been used for construction purposes for hundreds of years. Cedar forests have been managed and exploited responsibly to provide lumber for different purposes. The availability of different types of cedarwood is dependent on the region and also determines its price. Cedarwood is highly recommended for cedar deck Ottawa construction. 

Cedar has unique properties that make it ideal for the building of cedar deck Ottawa. 

  • Cedar has good grain density and stability which make it lay flat and straight and less likely to cup, bend or warp. 
  • Cedar is dark-colored and fragrant which makes it resistant to rotting and insect infestation when used in outdoor environments. You must not use preservatives to protect the deck. 
  • Cedar has a wide range of natural hues are available with cedar ranging from light brown to darker shades and the wood turns darker or silver-gray upon exposure to the elements. 
  • Cedar has soft textures and unique and tight grain patterns.
  • Cedar is soft and that makes it easy to work with wood when building a deck. It is also readily stained with protective stains to increase longevity.
  • Cedar has exceptional thermal properties which help in making it stay cool even in the hot summer weather. 
  • Cedar is lightweight and easily workable for deck construction.
  • Cedar is very flexible compared to redwood since it is less dense and has more flexural toughness. Cedar will not shatter easily and can be used for applications where its flexibility comes in handy in constructing a deck. 
  • Cedar is more abundant and is logged commercially without a big threat to the environment. You will be protecting the environment by using cedar from responsibly managed forests. 

Decks Ottawa will help in the selection of the best cedar wood for your deck and design and construct your deck to match the architecture of your home and general feel of your yard.