Window replacement and window installation can seem like a large expense but it really is a good investment.  Since single-pane glass can lose up to 70% of your home’s heat, energy-efficient replacement windows keep your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.  Some of their features include:

Keeping the outside where it belongs – Since the house is better sealed, your heating and cooling systems work more efficiently and you can save about 25% on those utility bills. That means you stay more comfortable at a lower cost.

Insulation – Double and triple-pane now have an inert gas between the glass. That means better insulation.

Low thermal emissivity – You probably have heard about Low-e glass. This means it has a thin coating to reflect infrared waves. This keeps your rooms cooler in the summer and helps prevent fading of your furniture and wallpaper.

Increased Home Value – At the time you place your house up for sale, you will realize that those efficient replacement windows will pay for themselves in higher offers. It will make your house a better value for the next owners.

Appearance – With a wide variety of styles, types, and hardware designs, you will have windows that coordinate with your tastes and décor. You will enjoy looking out at the landscape and your guests will appreciate the coordinated look. From the exterior, you will improve the curb appeal, and make the streets in the immediate vicinity better looking. This will improve the overall property value.

Insurance – Typically, you will be eligible for lower homeowners insurance with modern energy-efficient windows.

As you can tell, there are many reasons to consider replacing your inefficient windows with multi-pane, coated windows.  You will increase your current enjoyment of your home and prepare it for a better resale when the time comes.