There is a significant increase in the popularity of non-surgical procedures for cosmetic or aesthetic reasons.  This includes Botox and dermal treatments.  Advances in the development of treatments along with traditional surgical options means more choices in the types of conditions that can be handled and new ways to approach the situation.


Nose jobs are not always for cosmetic reasons.  Because of accidents or other disfigurements, it is sometimes necessary to reshape the nose.  The Piezo technology uses ultrasound to be far less intrusive and reshape the bone appropriately.  The results show more accurate results and less bruising.  It is a huge improvement over chisel and hammers.


The pandemic has meant more Zoom views of ourselves.  People are recognizing that their appearance can be improved by some injections like Retinol to help iron out fine lines or other treatments to help deeper creases.  As first-timers appreciate the results, it is likely that this will be a trend to continue.


When you smile, the idea is to have eight teeth on the top row show.  Experts call this a full buccal corridor.  Besides a friendly greeting, this means that the teeth are providing adequate support to the cheeks and lips.  Ageing means the area from the nose to the lips will increase.  Without strong buccal corridors, the smile will not be as large. 

Using cosmetic bonding and veneers to the back teeth, will make your smile bigger and fill the entire space to present a youthful smile.


In the past, cosmetic procedures that involved fillers were usually confined to specific areas of the face.  Sometimes this resulted in other areas looking worse than they were, or even an off balanced appearance.  Now clinicians are more inclined to look at the face as a whole.  By assessing the entire face, the results appear more natural.  That usually means less Botox in a single area but more areas are covered to present a more symmetrical and natural look.

Thread Lifts

Another non-invasive procedure involves threads to lift areas of the face and neck that are beginning to sag.  These are dissolvable sutures and does not require incisions.  That means less downtime and a lower cost. 

Body Contouring

There are procedures that can remove fat from pretty much any part of the body.  These will take about an hour and result in no downtime. 

Bariatric surgery has been around for quite a while.  The individual is usually healthier as a result and generally has a better self image.  However, this weight loss maneuver can leave excess skin especially around the waist and belly.  Many people opt for some post-weight-loss surgeries that remove that extra tissue and will provide a better contour as well.

If you have considered some cosmetic improvements or enhancements, these will be some of your options.  Check with Botox Ottawa Downtown about the procedures or treatments that will best benefit you. With less invasive options you can look as young as you feel.