If you have ever wished you could have a straighter smile, but you feel like that opportunity has passed, think again. More adults have braces now than ever, and there are even options beyond the traditional metal brackets, if you would rather them not be so obvious. They are also more comfortable than you may realize, and your orthodontist will be able to help you decide what options will suit you.

A crooked smile can be embarrassing, and it can really drag down your appearance. Overbites or underbites can even change the whole shape of your face. Braces can help to correct all of these things, and leave you with the perfect smile.

The average time that an adult will need to wear braces is around 12 to 20 months. Options include traditional braces, which are made smaller and less noticeable than in the past, or clear brackets, which stand out even less. Brackets can also sometimes be placed on the backs of the teeth.

How you look is not the only issue you will face when your teeth are crooked or bite is misaligned. You can suffer issues with chewing, pain and discomfort and even cleaning your teeth and gums properly. Inability to floss between crowded teeth, for example, can lead to plaque buildup, decay and more cavities

Tooth decay and plaque can also lead to gum disease. If your mouth is unhealthy, it can lead to other health problems as well, in the gastrointestinal system and even your heart. It is never too late to correct your smile, and many are living a happier, healthier life, and have gained a great deal of confidence from taking the initiative to get braces.

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