Believe it, there is such a thing as having too much carpet in an Ottawa home. Between all of the different types and colour and pattern choices, it can get a bit much. However, for the air of luxury, having a mix of ceramic, hardwood, or cork throughout your Ottawa house will give it that touch.

This works best when there are smaller rooms where a throw or area rug will do nicely, which will still help with the utility bill. Additionally, the room with low to medium traffic is where carpet should be, it would also keep those rooms warmer. One aspect to beware of is with carpet tiles, while theses are easy to replace and maintain there is no padding underneath because the tiles are glued directly to the floor.

 From an insulation standpoint, they are an excellent choice. With a rolled carpet, a layer of padding is used first for comfort and second as insulation. This is expressly helpful when living in an Ottawa condominium with noisy neighbours living below, the carpet and the padding will decrease the level of noise if not completely muffle it.

This same phenomenon occurs with the neighbour living below, the carpet and padding act as a muffler to the noise. Carpet is made of different materials. The importance of this is for people who are allergic to wool, which certain types of carpet are made of. If this is the case, then getting carpet made from nylon or polypropylene.

However, other irritants exist in carpeting, this is why it is important to clean it regularly to negate the effects of dust, and pet dander that can trigger asthma is some people. In any case, carpet used the right way can be advantageous by lowering your utility bills, add colour and contrast, and comfort for your Ottawa home.

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