The idea of performing kitchen renovation may appear impossible with a limited budget. However, it is possible to make changes and overhaul the look of your kitchen without having to spend a load of cash. CP & Son will help you carry out kitchen renovations in Ottawa on a budget with proper planning and some effort.

Kitchen renovation increases the value of a house. The renovations also transform the look of your kitchen to make it more appealing and functional. The financial outlay required to successfully complete a kitchen renovation project can be high. With good planning, you can avoid the replacement of kitchen appliances or have to changing plumbing to save thousands of dollars. Not having to move the sink will actually save money.

According to CP & Son, some budget-friendly ways to make improvements to your kitchen include:

  • The painting presents the cheapest and easiest way to improve the final look of your kitchen. CP & Son recommends the use of semi-gloss latex paint for kitchen walls since it is easy to wipe off or clean in case of spills and splashes. Additionally, choose colors that match the theme of your kitchen. Bright colors will make the kitchen more inviting and appear larger.
  • Declutter the kitchen by getting rid of items that are no longer in use. You can fix racks and other crocks in the kitchen to give it a new look. Follow up by reorganizing the kitchen incorporating some creativity to ensure easy access and a final new look.
  • Add shelves to unused wall spaces to have a more modern looking storage areas. The colors of shelves can be contrasted to make them stand out. You can add doors to some shelving units for improved quality and secure storage areas.
  • Make lighting updates to the kitchen by replacing traditional lighting to introduce brighter lighting and to save energy costs. Choose light fixtures that match the décor of your Ottawa home and kitchen. Modern accents include installation of under cabinet lighting which makes it more functional.
  • Repaint your cabinets to give them a new look rather than replacing them. Replacing kitchen cabinets entirely is the most expensive component of a kitchen renovation project. You can work around it through repainting and replacement of handles with stylish updated options. Your cabinets will be looking new once more and in sync with other changes in the kitchen.

CP & Son will work closely with you in designing a plan that makes significant kitchen renovations for your Ottawa home even with a constrained budget.