Consider Cork Flooring for Your Next Renovation


Cork has been used for centuries in construction in Southern Europe and in Northern Africa. It is a natural oak tree bark material that is renowned for its attractiveness and durability. It is commonly used for flooring but it also has other uses.

If you are about to do a renovation, below are some of the reasons why you should consider cork flooring:

1. Cork flooring is durable

Cork flooring does not absorb liquid or gas and is, therefore, unlikely to suffer water damage. It is also resistant to cracking and bounces back when dented. If you properly maintain it, it can last for more than four decades.

2. Cork flooring is attractive

Cork flooring is aesthetically pleasing. It is available in the form of planks and tiles and in many colors and styles. Using it in your home can create a very tastefully done floor that your family and guests alike will fall in love with.

3. Cork flooring is safe

This type of flooring is very safe because it is fire-resistant. It will only ignite if exposed to extremely high temperatures.

4. Cork flooring is convenient

Cork is a natural thermal and sound insulator. Rooms with cork flooring are, therefore, warmer and more peaceful. Furthermore, cork flooring also creates a cushion under the feet when stepped on as it gives a bit just like a thick carpet. These things make it more convenient to use.

5. Cork is a “green” building material

Unlike most types of flooring materials, cork is a “green” building material. It is only harvested from trees that hit 25 years and the harvesting is done without killing trees. Moreover, its manufacturing usually leaves no waste. The flooring itself is a by-product of the wooden stoppers used on wine bottles. So it is a flooring material that has little to zero negative effect on Mother Nature.

As you can see from the facts above, cork is an amazing flooring material. You should strongly consider it if you are looking for a tastefully done floor made using a “green building” material.

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