Are you ready to reveal a beautiful smile with bright white and straight teeth? The moment you are ready to reveal a stunning smile, you should visit Manotick Main Dental in Stittsvile to get invisible braces.

Like standard braces, invisible braces are designed to straighten your teeth slowly and permanently. They will make your teeth look perfect and attractive. However, you have to give them time to work.

Many people start asking, “Do invisible braces work?” After just several hours or days of wearing them. While the need for fast results is understandable, it is important to note that teeth can only be safely straightened gradually.

In other words, if you get invisible braces today (Stittsvile braces at Manotick Main Dental), you cannot expect to see instant results tomorrow or after a couple of days. It will take weeks for your teeth to get straight and perfect.

Why do results take time with invisible braces?

To understand why teeth do not straighten overnight or in days or in a week or two, you have to understand invisible braces. Invisible braces like those that can be put at Manotick Main Dental in Stittsvile (aka Stittsvile braces) are braces that are not visible.

While there are several types of invisible braces, they are all designed to straighten teeth. They move the teeth slowly to the desired position. They can move teeth in any way necessary including rotating them to get them looking straight and aligned.

To move teeth, braces have to use just the right force and they must be installed in the right way. This is why it is important to visit a reputable dental clinic like Manotick Main Dental to get braces installed. Properly installed braces will straighten your teeth faster, properly, and safely.

Every few weeks, installed invisible braces have to be checked and adjusted. Some types have to be changed. The purpose of adjusting braces or changing them is to increase their effectiveness in pushing teeth in the right direction to the right position.

Braces need time to work because the straightening of teeth is a gradual process that involves the reformation of gums around the targeted teeth. Once the targeted teeth have moved to the right position, the gums around them will hold tightly to them resulting in the perfect smile.

So your Stittsvile braces won’t give you results overnight but it will in the long run give you the perfect smile.

How many times do I need to go back to the dentist before I see results?

It depends on the type of braces installed and where you get them installed. Generally, when you get braces in Stittsvile (Stittsvile braces) at Manotick Main Dental, you will need to visit the facility every four weeks.

These visits will allow your orthodontist to assess the progress you are making, to confirm the treatment is okay, and to change or adjust your braces. Some braces require less frequent visits than others. Ask about this when you visit Manotick Main Dental for more information.

How long do braces take to work?

Braces typically take at least 12 months to work. However, it is important to note that every case is unique. Some cases require simpler and shorter treatment plans than others. Moreover, it is also important to note that some types of braces work faster than others. So the time it will take for braces to work depends on several factors. Only your orthodontist can give you an accurate picture or timeline of what to expect.

Braces can fix misaligned teeth, misplaced teeth, rotated teeth, and so on. Visit Manotick Main Dental to get Stittsvile braces installed for a perfect and confidence-boosting smile.