What To Expect For Your First In-Car Driving Lesson


How are you feeling about getting into the car for the first time? No matter how you are feeling about your first in-car driving lesson, it will help if you have an idea as to what to expect. We can help you with that. Here are ten things that may and are likely to happen while you are in your first in-car driving lesson.

  1.  Show Your License: In order to be allowed to legally drive during your first in-car lesson, the instructor is going to ask to see your learner’s permit or a student license. This must be carried with you at every lesson.
  2.  Not Quite Ready For The Driver’s Seat: Don’t worry about your friends recording you driving away for the first time. The instructor is going to take you to a parking lot or other quiet residential area to begin your lesson.
  3.  Don’t Be Nervous: It is completely normal to feel nervous about your first lesson. However, the instructor is trained to help you calm down so learning can take place. You should take a deep breath and try to relax. You will soon find yourself enjoying your lesson.
  4.  Using Your Mirror. A Lot!: Yup, during your first in-car driving lesson, the instructor is going to discuss the car’s instruments and controls. You will then discover why the mirror is such a vital tool. It’s so vital that you can expect your instructor to discuss it more in future lessons.
  5.  You WILL Drive: This is the moment that you have been waiting for. But during this first lesson, you won’t have to worry about cars or other traffic near you. You are going to test out a few basic maneuvers and learn important techniques. These techniques will set you up for a lifetime of safe driving.
  6.  Switching Seats: You are going to switch seats with your instructor several times throughout the lesson. This is so that you can observe the skills and actions that your instructor is performing. If you find yourself switching seats, watch carefully. Whether it’s showing you how to hold the wheel, perform a smooth stop or use your eyes, you will learn so much from a real-life demo combined with paper explanations.
  7.  Not Driving For Miles: Don’t worry, you aren’t going to drive for many miles, maybe 4-6 during your first driving lesson, sometimes less, sometimes more. You will not just be driving around, but you will experience a lot of pulling off to the side where the car will become the classroom.
  8.  Ask Questions: If you aren’t understanding sometimes, you can ask as many questions as you want. Ask the instructor about anything you might not understand. You can even ask them to show you. There’s a lot your instructor can learn from you as well.
  9.  Never Alone: Your instructor wants you to be successful in driving. This is why they have a brake that they can use on their side of the car if need be. You can be rest assured knowing that your instructor has your back.
  10. A Personalized Report: The instructor will evaluate your progress after your first in-car driving lesson and for every other lesson that follows. They then put together a personalized report that you and your parents can have access to online.

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