It is an unfortunate thing that some of us end up missing some of our teeth after a while. Some are lost because of gum disease or due to extensive damage from cavities or our teeth may have been knocked out due to an accident of some sort. Regardless of how someone has lost their teeth, there is a permanent solution here in Ottawa for replacing their teeth and restoring their beautiful smile.

Nevertheless, an original solution was to replace persons teeth here in Ottawa with a set of dentures. These consisted of a set of false teeth mounted on a removable plate that fit into their mouth and came either as a full upper or lower set of teeth or a full set comprised of both upper and lower teeth. This same concept is used for partial plates which are made up of anywhere from a single tooth to as many as three or four false teeth.

Having this kind of setup, there are inherent issues that a person in Ottawa must learn to live with. In the paragraphs that follow, you will see what these issues are,

  • Eating difficulty, Studies have shown that a person wearing dentures may have a higher susceptibility to indigestion, constipation, or nutritional shortcomings. This is due to a reduced ability to chew as well as with their natural teeth. The result is a lower eating frequency than normal.
  • Loss of Taste, because of the denture plate covering the roof of the mouth the full palate is not exposed to the flavour of whatever food is consumed.
  • Embarrassment, this depends on how well the dentures fit. If they are prone to falling out on occasion because of laughter, a person can become quite self conscious about being social in Ottawa with their friends, and thus begin to socialize less and less.
  • Hassle, maintaining a set of dentures is easy, however, if a person lost their teeth because of poor oral hygiene, getting dentures is not going to change this habit. The task takes removing the dentures and replacing them daily. While most soak them overnight, and put them back in first thing in the morning. There is the additional hassle of  applying the goop that keeps the dentures from slipping away from the gums every time.

Fortunately, thanks to technological advances in materials and medical procedures a more permanent solution has been found. It is the dental implant, which is a false tooth that is implanted into the jaw line. The result is the impression of having real tooth again.

While this is not a new idea, the fact that the materials used and the process of putting an implant into someone’s jaw line, have advanced so much. It is now possible that a person can have this done in a matter of days here in Ottawa. Now, with what at one time took months to do, replacing teeth with implants takes only hours in a day.

The result is returning to regular eating habits, the return of the persons beautiful smile, and the confidence to socialize without fear of having their teeth fall out. If you have, any of the issues mentioned above with your present set of dentures. Contact you Dentist or Orthodontist in Ottawa today to discuss ‘teeth in a day’ program to fit your needs today.

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