Ottawa, home of smart decision-makers and the capital of Canada. If you aren’t one of the top dogs in office, then you are probably focusing on making the birdies on the green instead.

More often than none, the golf scene in Ottawa is overshadowed by those of Toronto and other Canadian areas, but here are some of the best kinds of courses that you can find when you are in the area.

Ottawa Golf Course Designers

There are quite a few great Ottawa golf courses that have stunning terrain and views. One such course, which was Robert Trent Jones’ final design, was also a collaboration between himself and his son. This is one of the top public-access golf courses in the area. Here, you can find a 640-year second hold, which is rather brutal, even if you are warmed up. You can find this golf course over on Terry Fox Drive in Ottawa.

In 2009, the scene got even bigger with another huge course in Kemptville. This one features amazing putting surfaces and is a design of Darrell Huxham. Across the river, you will find a public golf club in Gatineau. You will see elevated tees on almost every hole and you’re going to walk away feeling like a big hitter on this fun and upbeat course.

Private Course Designers

There are a few “royal” clubs in Ottawa that only the top dogs can get access to. One such place is the shot-maker’s paradise, as long as you are lucky enough to get in. There are half a dozen courses like this in Canada that have the royal designation from the British Monarchs. There’s also a course designed by Willie Park Jr., who has played in both the PGA and LPGA tour events.

You can also find a members only gold club in Dunrobin, which was designed by the late Ken Venturi.

Amongst these beautiful country clubs is one that stands out from the rest. Irish Hills Golf & Country Club is one of the most exquisite golf clubs in Ottawa. This course winds through trees and ponds for both a fun and aesthetically pleasing experience. The course is designed for players of all levels and there’s even an indoor course for those rainy or windy days for practice on a virtual screen. There’s also a clubhouse with a lounge, banquet room, and a hall for larger parties and functions.

Quebec Road Trip

If you’re traveling through or on your way back from Quebec, why not check out the course designed by Stanley Thompson. Here, you will find a beautiful rolling layout across a rocky terrain.

If you drive for another hour, you will come across a beautiful resort in the Laurentian mountains, which is a popular skiing hotspot. There are also two other resorts around it if that one doesn’t peak your interest.

If something stops you from getting out onto the green, such as rain or high winds, why not take a trip to Parliament Hill. You may also be able to plan your trip around Canada Day, which is July 1st, so you can enjoy one of the greatest parties in the north. No matter what time of year it is, there is always something to do in Ottawa if golfing just isn’t in the picture for the day.