It is true that the health of a person’s teeth in Ottawa has an effect on their overall health. This is why it is important to have a regular regimen of flossing and brushing your teeth. Nonetheless, even with regular cleaning and follow up dental exams a person’s teeth may need replacing due to loss through an accident or from severe cavities. This brings us to what replaces a natural tooth.

Dental implants have come a long way since their creation. The materials used to make an implant are ceramic and titanium. The ceramic becomes the tooth or crown mounted on titanium stem. Both of these are some of the strongest materials on the planet. In addition, because of the level of technology in the world of Ottawa dentistry, dentists have the ability to ensure the colour of the implant will match the natural colour of the remaining natural teeth.

The reason most individuals in Ottawa opt for implants as opposed to dentures is that the implants can last upwards of forty years where denture plates eventually wear and need replacing. Moreover, dental implants feel more natural. The reason behind this is the implant becomes part of the jawbone from inserting it into the bone via the titanium stem.

People here in Ottawa who are candidates for this type of oral surgery enjoy the results because they have a full set of teeth and they can smile without the embarrassment of having decaying teeth. With the two types of implant surgery one replaces the use of a denture while the other enhances the denture plate making it more secure. One method is to insert four implants into the jawbone and then supplement those with crown and bridgework that fills the gap between the implants. This gives the person a completely new set of teeth.

The second method uses only two implants to secure a denture plate while leaving the plate removable for cleaning. Consequently, with the first method the permanent implants and bridges are cleanable with flossing and brushing just like natural teeth.  Remember also that regular brushing and flossing help the gum tissue stay healthy.

Without healthy gums, the teeth will deteriorate and the gums will become diseased which can lead further to other severe health issues. What happens when a person living in Ottawa has decaying teeth is they change the way they smile, this is the greatest gift anyone can give another, and it changes their level of confidence and self-esteem. Accordingly, when a person gets their ability to smile back, it has a life changing effect on them. It raises their self-esteem and their confidence.

Are you concerned about your dental health? Consult these Ottawa Dentists and Orthodontists to increase your self-esteem and confidence. 

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