Helping your car make it through the Winter


Winter can be a difficult time when it comes to car care and safety. Since there is no device to control the weather it is important to prepare the best we can.

Start with winter tires. These tires are specifically for road safety in the cold weather temperatures. Summer tires are unable to withstand cold temperatures, and are not able to grip the icy roads as well.

Check your tire pressure at least once a month. The best time to do this is when the vehicle has been at rest for about four hours. Flat tires are very dangerous to have on winter roads.

Have an emergency warmth kit in your vehicle at all times in case of a breakdown. This should consist of a sleeping bag, extra layers of clothes, and tea light candles with lighter.

Keep yourself and your vehicle fueled up. Try making sure that your tank level is over halfway mark at all times. Don’t forget to keep some water and snacks handy too.

Always have a backup battery or charger for your phones, flashlight, and other electronic needs. This way it will be easier to find you in the dark.

Hankook Get a Grip Winter Tire Safety Poll pointed to women being more likely to switch to winter times than men. Only 62% were correct in saying that the change depended on the temperature. People over 55 were less likely to use them, and 44% stated they don’t even use them.

When it came to tire pressure it was found that 60% didn’t check the pressure often enough, and 11% didn’t check at all. Those over 55 were the ones most likely to know that tire pressure is very important when it comes to safety.

Winter is here and if you want your care make it through the Winter safely then contact these local Ottawa auto repair, exhaust repair, tire repair specialists


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