Invisalign is a great solution for those who need braces but do not want them. This is because they are designed as an alternative to braces. Although they are new, they are becoming increasingly popular day by day. For this reason, many people are interested in them and want to find out how they work. This post is a brief explanation of how they work.

How Invisalign Works At Manotick Main Dental Clinic

Invisalign are aligners that do not look like standard metal braces. Nevertheless, they work just like traditional braces and frequently produce better outcomes/ results than traditional braces. Below is how the Invisalign System works at Manotick Main Dental Clinic.

Before I share with you how the system works, there are several things you have to note. First, the system works better in certain situations than others. Therefore, it is not always better than traditional braces.

Second, the most important determinant of whether the system will work is the particular dental issue you would like fixed and its severity. The Invisalign system works best on moderate dental issues. Severe ones can best be addressed through various advanced orthodontic treatments. By visiting Manotick Main Dental Clinic for an Invisalign Manotick procedure, you will get all the advice you need from medical experts on how best to address your issue.

Lastly, Invisalign is best for addressing dental issues such as gapped teeth, crowded teeth, and a mild overbite.

With the three things above in mind, here is how Invisalign Manotick works.

1. Consultation. You have to visit a dental clinic such as Manotick Main Dental for consultation. The consultation will tell you if your issue can be addressed using the Invisalign System.

2. Records Are Taken. If your issue can be addressed by the system, your records will be taken including photographs of your face and teeth, a scan of your dental formula, and x-rays of your jaw.

3. Records Are Sent To Invisalign. Once detailed records are taken, they are sent to the company behind the Invisalign System. The corrective action/ procedure you need is also forwarded to the company.

4. Clear Aligners Are Custom-made. Once the company gets all the details it needs, it uses 3D computer imaging tech to build a treatment plan plus clear aligners aka trays. Within five weeks the aligners arrive and they are fixed at the dental clinic.


Invisalign are custom-made teeth straightening devices. They are great for moderate dental issues such as crowded teeth and gapped teeth. At Manotick Main Dental, you can get Invisalign System braces fixed on you by professional dental experts.