Choosing a personal injury lawyer is a big decision since they will be representing you at every stage of your case. Keep in mind that you will only have one chance at suing and pursuing compensation for injuries sustained. 

The process of choosing a personal injury lawyer is not easy since you have to find one or a firm that is just right for you. You want to work with a lawyer who will get you the best possible settlement. Mcnally Gervan has provided the following questions so that you can identify the best lawyers. 

Ask for the Credentials

All personal injury lawyers that you approach must be members of the law society which is a reflection of their standing in the profession. You will want to know more about their membership in professional associations, other engagements such as publications, teaching and research commitments, and other contributions to the legal field. Some people will want to work with a lawyer who gives his time and effort to the community. 

Ask for their Legal Strategy

Personal injury cases may take a wide range of courses. It will good to know if the chosen lawyer will be ready to go to full trial if negotiations break down. The best option always going for settlement to save time, emotional energy, and resources. Going for trial is never an easy road and proves to be difficult for all involved parties. 

Enquire about Legal Staff Members

The majority of lawyers don’t work alone making use of staff members such as legal assistants, case managers, and many other professionals as need arises. Ask the chosen lawyer about the people they will bring on board for your case and what their roles will be. The composition of the team will highly influence the kind of support you receive as you deal with the legal challenges and heal from your injuries. 

Ask about Legal Expenses

Legal cases are associated with huge expenses in the form of legal fees for your lawyer, costs associated with preparing for the case, and in disbursements. See to now if the expenses will be met upfront or will be deducted from the final settlement.  Some lawyers expect an hourly rate while others go for a percentage cut of the final award.

How is the Communication

Personal injury claims will often take an extended period spanning weeks and months before getting a judgment.   Over this period, you need to keep in constant communication with your lawyer. Ask if the lawyer is accessible to clients or if they have assistants who can answer your questions as the need arises. 

Are You Comfortable

Ask yourself if you are comfortable working with the identified personal injury lawyer. It is important to go with your gut feeling when choosing a lawyer to handle a personal injury claim. 

Use the above criteria to find the best personal injury lawyer. Closely weigh the answers you get to these questions to identify a good lawyer. Mcnally Gervan are a team of experienced personal injury lawyers in Ottawa and are ready to work on your personal injury claim.