Advances in fertility treatments have been a boon to couples who have difficulty conceiving but still want to start or continue a family.  One technique is the egg donation process.  This is a safe and reliable method for pregnancy.  If you are considering such a process, start by checking out the various agencies that deal with egg donations.  It is important that you understand the whole process.

Screening – The procedure should start with a general screening to determine the health of the woman donating the egg.  This will assure that she is free from any transmittable diseases that could impact the baby.

Retrieval and Impregnation – Using an easy medical procedure, the egg is retrieved from the donor.  In a laboratory environment, the sperm is introduced to the egg and the in vitro fertilization has begun.  The embryo is kept at the lab for a few days.  Then the fertilized egg is implanted in the uterus of the recipient.  The embryo is not biologically related to the mother but only the father.

Counseling – A reputable agency will conduct sessions with the expectant mother to assure her physical and mental stability to avoid any unwarranted situations.  This will include both a medical and a psychological evaluation.

Choice of Donor – The Ottawa Fertility Clinic will offer the prospective parents the choice of the donor from a database of contributors.  The biographies will include physical characteristics as well as professional information.  Most women who donate are between the ages of 20 and 31; they are physically healthy and psychologically sound.

Monitoring – The pregnancy is monitored by the Ottawa Fertility Clinic to assure the continued health of the expectant mother and child.  Our staff is skilled in obstetrics as well as providing emotional support to the couples who are moving toward parenthood.

Egg donation is a genuine windfall for those women who are unable to conceive.  This inability to bear children can come from a number of reasons including age, hormonal issues, or physical limitations.  For those women who have suffered a loss through miscarriage, it is a new hope.

When making a decision about a fertility clinic, you should make it a point to do preliminary research through online sources, including the websites themselves.  When you have narrowed your search, make an appointment to visit the office.  Come with a list of questions or concerns.  You should choose a company that employs caring, friendly specialists that will listen to you about your circumstances and provide the best care possible.