How to Identify Common Plumbing Issues


It is difficult for people who have no plumbing experience to identify plumbing problems. However, anyone can use the tips below to identify common plumbing problems and get a professional to sort them out.

How to identify common plumbing issues:

1. Inspect the roof

Bad roofing, dented gutters, and blocked pipes can cause major plumbing problems during the rain season. Rotting wood, rusting pipes, and holes in your roof or the supporting plumbing infrastructure can also cause major problems. If you notice any of these things, call a plumber in Gatineau ASAP.

2. Check the taps, faucets, hoses and connections

A leaking tap or connection is a plumbing issue that is easy to identify. If several taps or faucets are leaking in your house, it may be time to call a plumber to fix them and conduct a thorough check and maintenance on the rest of your plumbing system.

3. Inspect your water heater

Old or poor quality water heating tanks can cause plumbing problems. When inspecting your water tank, check if the area around it is dry. If it is not, this is an indication that your hot water tank needs professional attention. Another indication is brown water coming from the water heater tap.

4. Inspect your basement

When you inspect your basement and find copper pipes feeling rough, pitted or thick, then you should know that you will be calling a plumber soon to replace them.

5. Test your sump pump

To find out if your sump pump is working, pour two or three buckets of water into your basement’s collecting pit. If this does not automatically activate your sump pump, then you should know you have a problem that needs urgent attention.

6. Observe your water meter

Your water meter can tell you if you have faulty or leaking plumbing. So turn off all the water outlets in your home and note the dial position or displayed number. After three or four hours check if the dial position or number has changed. If it has then you have a leak somewhere in your system. A silent leak.


If you suspect plumbing problem, call a professional plumber in Gatineau immediately to have it checked out and fixed immediately. This will reduce the likelihood of a plumbing disaster happening in your home.


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