In Ottawa, not every day is conducive to play a round of golf.  When you have the itch but can’t get outdoors, there are facilities that allow you to practice your hobby indoors.

Indoor golf incorporates putting greens, driving ranges, chipping areas, and simulators.

Simulators are a computer program that is an immersion technique with custom lighting and frequently high definition resolution.  It makes you feel as though you are right on the course.  Many facilities have a choice of venues.  You can travel around the world without leaving the City.  It uses a high-speed camera and tracking system while standing on a special mat that tracks your stance and swing.

If you want, there are also home versions that will work with standard video game consoles or your in-home computer.  These are by far the least expensive and allow you to enjoy the game even when you can’t make it to the office.  In-home units also can incorporate a projector and dedicated programs and equipment.  It is not just fun.  It will help you improve your game by analyzing your swing, stance, and impact with the ball.

The basic, or simplest, simulators don’t have software included.  Your movements are fed into a video game through a hand-held sensor.  It still allows you the experience of hitting the ball but without all the 3-D bells and whistles.  The more advanced systems that you find at golf facilities have built-in software.  These systems also track the shot but use a series of sensors and will track the trajectory of the ball including bounces.

So when the weather is inclement, give Ottawa Golf Club a chance with their simulation programs and watch your improvement in the sport.