Say it with a Picture

Pictures can and do tell stories and as such they have been an integral part of communication since humans have walked the earth. In business pictures, art, or rather graphic designs have had a strong place as the top most utilized tool for creating and transmitting information. Just take a gander at the internet and television ads that bombard the airwaves and computer screens around the world and Ottawa.

Logos, signs, and pictures are everywhere, on the sides of buildings, automobiles, on products, in addition to being along the highways and roads. Understandably, graphic design obviously takes a major role in day-to-day communication as well as advertising and marketing of any kind. Pretty much, most billboards, ads, or posters were created by a graphic design artist.

The Business, the Message, and the Graphic Representation

If you think about it, pictures are easier to remember than any number of words you can read. Why are graphic designs so powerful? The reason is words create pictures, which makes seeing a picture, for most, powerful enough that it embeds its meaning much quicker in the mind than a series of descriptive words.

In the landscape of advertising, a skilled design artist can graphically depict any type of sales message an Ottawa business may ask for. The outcome of a given project may turn out as a series of pictures combined or a single one with small amounts of text that ad an impact to the image/s. The impact it depicts is the brand recognition, concept, and the value of the business.

Businesses Desire Brand Recognition with their Logo

The structure of all Ottawa business has always been focused on reputation and perception along with the bottom line, (profit). This translates into garnering a positive image in the eyes of the consumer. This is where graphic design is beneficial. Through creating positive images that convey the company brand, logo, and message, which together will evoke a positive emotional connection, the value of graphic advertisement becomes apparent quickly.

Strong examples of this are located all over the internet and the general landscape of Ottawa businesses. A great example might be a poster or billboard showing an individual in a company uniform delivering a package to an office building or home. This poster represents, what the business is and depicts an employee performing the service that the business wants the consumer to use.

Couple this with the company logo and some text stating the benefit of timely deliveries without delay or damage and the message is clear about the assumed reputation and perception of the business as one to work with. Advertisements such as this example are engaging and focused on a specific targeted audience. With the right combination of light, texture, storyline, and text, a graphic designer has the ability to convey any targeted message any Ottawa business wants.

Do you want to give your business a new look and looking for a Graphic Designer? Consult with these Ottawa & Gatineau Branding and Graphic Design specialists for the right solution:

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