One of the most exciting advancements in the history of orthodontics is Invisalign, a transparent solution to traditional and sometimes unsightly metal braces. Wellington Village Orthodontics in Ottawa is licensed to administer these high-quality teeth aligners, and we have used them to improve the smiles of Ottawans for years.

Straighter teeth will inspire greater confidence.

Misaligned teeth can be a huge hindrance to a person’s self-confidence. They might not feel comfortable sharing their smile with the people around them. Some people even feel so down about their crooked smiles that they refuse to laugh in public areas, and consciously make the effort to speak in ways that do not show their teeth.

If you don’t smile or laugh in a social setting, it can be off-putting to others and give the impression that you are not as engaged as they are. If you suffer from low confidence due to your smile that would only become lower through the application of traditional metal braces, Invisalign could seriously be the solution for you.

With a straighter set of teeth, you will smile more confidently and put forward the full extent of your personality at social events for the rest of your life!

Invisalign vs. Metal braces

In the past, metal braces were an unsightly addition to one’s features. They made a person’s misaligned teeth apparent, which has long been a struggle for adults and teens especially, who often feel embarrassed by the obvious sight of metal brackets and wires. Invisalign is nearly invisible, as these clear aligners fit perfectly on the patient’s teeth to achieve alignment without the brackets and wires of older orthodontic technology.

Unlike metal braces, Invisalign doesn’t…

  • Effect a person’s speech so drastically
  • Require the avoidance of certain foods
  • Need to be worn 100% of the time. The aligners can be removed as necessary.

Getting fitted for Invisalign

To be fitted for Invisalign aligners, the patient’s teeth will be imprinted upon a mold to create the exact measurements required for a series of clear aligners to be made.

Patients in and around Ottawa should look to us to guide them through the process of being fitted for and proceeding forward in the process of straightening one’s teeth with Invisalign. Our orthodontic experts and dentists are sure to get you smiling with confidence, even before you’re finished with your aligners. You’ll smile confidently knowing that you’ve put your oral health in the best of hands with us at Wellington Village Orthodontics in Ottawa.