Sunrooms are a popular addition to homes where they can be used all year to enjoy light and warmth. The walls of a sunroom are primarily made of windows to allow in light and heat. In most instances, the sunroom is added long after the home was constructed. Heating the room to make it an all-season space can prove to be a challenge. You will be forced to add ducts to non-existent walls below the windows.

How can I heat my sunroom?

Radiant floor heating is the best way to heat your sunroom – it keeps the sunroom warm and comfortable throughout the year. If you are considering radiant floor heating, we advise you to talk to Ontario Self Leveling Concrete to learn more about radiant floor heating options available to you in Ottawa.

Radiant heat is based on the direct transfer of heat from a source to an object. Radiant floor heating warms the sunroom floor, and the heat is then transferred to your feet and other objects.

Radiant floor heating is highly efficient and more comfortable compared to other heating methods. Your options include running hot water through pipes installed underneath the floor or the installation of electric mats beneath the flooring. The wired fibreglass mats are laid on the slab or subfloor. The flooring is then placed on the mats that are connected to a thermostat to provide heat. Radiant heat from the floor is transferred to objects in the room, including people and furniture.

Is it a good option for sunrooms?

Radiant floor heating in Ottawa is best suited for your sunroom as well as other rooms in the home. Insulating the sunroom is extremely difficult, seeing that walls and ceiling will be constructed entirely out of glass. Heat energy will be lost through the air and the windows. Radiant heat doesn’t heat the air, minimizing heat loss. The room temperature may be significantly lower, but you will still feel comfortable.

Radiant floor heating is a good heating option due to its easy installation. The installation will be carried out as the floor is constructed even on a slab. The heating controls are separate, meaning sunroom heating is independent of that in the rest of the house. Any type of flooring can be installed on top of the mats, including hardwood and tile. Radiant heat doesn’t limit you in how your flooring will look or feel. Equally, it is easy to retrofit an existing sunroom with radiant floor heating.

It is efficient and less expensive to heat the sunroom through radiant floor heating compared to other heating methods. You will be using less energy since a mat uses a similar amount of energy to a single light bulb.

I want radiant floor heating!

Ontario Self Leveling Concrete is an expert supplier and contractor serving the eastern Ontario area. They can help with radiant floor heating installations in Ottawa so that you enjoy efficient and less expensive heating for your sunrooms. Choose radiant heat today and enjoy warmth and comfort in your sunroom all year round.