There is a misconception that a limousine service is exclusively for the wealthy.  This, of course, is false.

Using a limo service is a reliable alternative to other forms of hired transportation.  The limo service is available and can be customized to your needs.  It provides reliable service without the worry of traffic, parking, and delays.

On-Time – There is no need to worry about arriving at the wrong location or being late for an important meeting or event.  Toronto Car Service arrives at your pick up point on time, generally early, and gets you to your location safely and on time.

Eliminate Worry – Using a limo service means you don’t need to worry about traffic snarls, one-way streets, or getting lost.  This is not always true with public transportation.  We eliminate the stress of driving.

Style – Using a limo service is a classic mode of transportation.  The driver is responsible and you are riding in comfort, listening to music, having a conversation, or taking care of emails.

Enjoyment – We have specially priced services for weddings, proms, or other parties.  Using Toronto Car Service we take the responsibility and you have the fun.

Safety – You won’t need to worry.  Our drivers are licensed professionals who are highly discrete.  No need to be concerned about an overheard conversation.  When making a reservation, your personal information is kept confidential.

Price – Using a car service is far more affordable than most people think.  This is especially true if the cost is spread among a group of friends.

The bottom line is that Toronto Car Service provides you with luxurious transportation at a reasonable cost.  You arrive in style and relaxed.  It is the perfect choice for business or personal travel or events.