Not every fairway can be built within a luxury setting, but this doesn’t mean that they cannot provide a high-quality, scenic and overall enjoyable golfing experience. There are some traits that will never go out of style, and can be implemented across any golf course to provide everything that a luxury golf course can. Truly, the importance is in the details-no matter where you are.

1). Conditioning

“Conditioning” refers to the overall environmental impact of the golf course, which is kept as minimal as possible these days through a series of changes in how these areas are cultivated. The management of a golf course should pay close attention to the condition of the fairway, making sure that maintaining it does not cause an overwhelmingly negative impact to the environment. Two examples of actions that cause a distinctly negative impact are overuse of fertilizers and deforestation to clear the area for construction. Not only is it possible, but it’s also extremely important to manicure a golf course without these extreme and damaging measures. 

2). Layout

The design and overall layout of the course is essential to enjoying your day on the fairway. During construction this means that experts, like architects and designers, should factor in all aspects of the natural environment-such as prevailing winds that could impact a golfer’s performance on a poorly-designed course.

During the course of your day, no golfer wants to feel that it’s becoming repetitive. That makes things boring, so it’s vital that designers work together to make it so that holes can be played from different directions and lengths-to keep things fun.

This also brings us to the topic of hazards. The position of hazards on the course should be placed with a clear reason, and provide a challenge without being nearly impossible to surpass. At the tee, the position of green complexes should be angled as to reward golfers with a good shot.

Although the budget will ultimately dictate the details of the course’s design, it’s good to keep in mind that shorter holes should have a narrower fairway, while golfers at longer holes are afforded more room.

3). Variety

A mixture of elements on the course will keep people energized and interested in the game they’ve got going on. A good golf course will implement straight holes, doglegs and a variety of lengths to keep golfers enthusiastic about the game.

It is always best when a golf course essentially forces a player to use every club that they have in their arsenal. When approaching the tee, golfers should have to be thoughtful and think strategically before deciding which club to use and taking their shot. This, as all other elements of a good golf course, keeps the player’s attention.

4). Cost and Service

While the technical aspect of the course is essential to the enjoyment of your game, it is also important to consider cost when looking to arrange your next tee time. The cost of green fees can be a make-or-break factor for golfers on a budget, as well as those who simply want to make sure that they are getting what they are paying for.

Service is another important detail that shouldn’t be overlooked, but often is. The service provided by staff as well as the quality of the facilities (such as locker rooms, carts, etc) is crucial. In fact, many would say that these things are just as important as the course itself. After all, you want to be able to enjoy yourself both on and off the fairway.

5). Things to Avoid

While there are numerous traits that are important for an Ottawa golf course to have, there are plenty of things that players could do without. One common problem for many courses is the location’s proximity to private homes. If these homes are located along the fairway, it can be distracting to golfers. Overcrowding is another issue that golfers sometimes criticize courses for.

In terms of design, most golfers hate it when there is an over-abundance of water. This can make a game very tedious and frustrating, as well as become distracting.

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Happy golfing!