The time of year when the leaves on the trees change is a beautiful time of year, although we all know it’s about to get cold. Nevertheless, it is fun and exciting to go and see the changes in the landscape that is in and around Ottawa. What follows is a short list of the top choices to go on a tour to see what autumn brings us in the way of spectacular colours and visions.

Go to the Dominion Arboretum

Here you can find a variety of shrubs and trees. The Arboretum is home for a spectacular view of the greenery that dates as far back as 1889. The 26-hectare chunk of land holds two of the most breath taking observation points that overlook the northeast and southeastern views of the Dow Lake and the Rideau Canal. Its locations being in the middle of Ottawa make it perfect for an afternoon getaway. It happens to reside on the central experimental farm on the Experimental Farm Dr.

The Rideau Canal

The renowned fame of the Rideau Canal as the world’s biggest outdoor winter skating rink, serves as boat way in the summer months and one of the most beautiful scenic views Ottawa has to offer in the autumn months that follow. The reason is that the trees that grow along the canal submit a colourful view for joggers, bicyclists, and walkers alike. Take a ride on a boat or go kayaking along this historic landmark of Ottawa. Call 613-239-5500 for information about bike rentals, and boat rides.

Visit Gantineau Park

If you enjoy a good hike in the fall weather then this is the place to go it is only a fifteen-minute drive outside of Ottawa. Take walk among any one of the hundreds of footpaths that travel through the 361sq kilometres of virgin landscape to see the changing colours of the countryside that is Gantineau Park. Pack a lunch basket and stop for a picnic alongside one of the many scenic picturesque views of the trees.

If bicycling is more to your taste the park accommodates those who wish to see the sights from a different vantage point. The views seen at Mackenzie King Estate and Étienne-Brûlé lookout are absolutely breathtaking. A map is provided at the visitor centre in Old Chelsea.

If you’re planning a group tour, the National Capital Commission provides educational tours at no cost in cooperation with Fall Rhapsody, call for more information 613-239-5000 or 819-827-2020

Visit Mont Tremblant

If distance is no consideration, then Mont Tremblant, which is just under three hours from Ottawa, is a great way to spend an afternoon. Locates in Quebec this popular resort has the scenery worth the trip. During the season, the transformation of the rolling snow free ski slops and the forests surrounding them is awe inspiring to say the least. There is a gondola ride, which takes its passengers to the summit for of the most memorable views ever witnessed in the region.

Aside from taking the ride to the summit, the resort also offers many other activities that take place during the fall season. It is a fantastic weekend getaway as well because they offer overnight packages, for a stay in the pedestrian village at the foot of Mont Tremblant.

For more information, call 866-356-2233\

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