Wood flooring makes an ideal choice for your home. Think about its distinct beauty that keeps pace with prevailing trends. With proper workmanship, a wood floor is durable, distinctive and adds value to a home. Continental Flooring lists a number of benefits of installing wood flooring.

Allergen-Free: Wood flooring makes a friendly and healthy choice for people who have allergies. The floor doesn’t harbor dust mites and other allergens. It is easy to clean through simple wiping off with cloth and water to prevent the buildup of dust.

Better Acoustics: When properly installed, a wood floor provides good acoustics allowing for improved focus on your activities. There is no loud, irritating or screeching sound as other people walk in the house or as utensils and another material fall to the floor.

Pocket-Friendly: Continental Flooring recommends wood flooring for Ottawa homeowners since there are options for all budgets. Better manufacturing technologies avail wood floors for all types of budgets. Therefore, it myth that wood floors are a preserve for the rich is not true.

Diverse Choices: There are numerous material choices reflected in types of woods and style choices to match your unique house designs. There are solid wood floors that can be refurbished and redeveloped repeatedly. Engineered woods make installation easier since they are pre-finished; and are more stable. The diverse choices make it easy for homeowners to find a style and specific material to match the style of their home and their preferences.

Low Maintenance: Wood floors are easy to clean and maintain due to their simplicity. The application of a polyurethane finish will protect the floor against moisture and staining. Vacuum cleaning will restore the beauty of the floor. Sanding and refinishing the floor will get rid of dents and scratches. Finally, badly damaged floor pieces can be removed and replaced.

High-Quality Look and Timeless Appeal: Any home that gets wood flooring gets an elegant, classy and exquisite look. Wood floors provide a high-quality look and make the home highly appealing to the home. Wood flooring will match the different decorations used for the home. The beauty of a wood floor has a timeless appeal never going in and out of fashion over its lifetime. In fact, wood flooring gets greater appeal as years pass and with proper maintenance.

Increased Resale Value: Potential buyers in Ottawa are more likely to buy a home that has wood flooring due to its ability to look better with each passing year. A well-maintained wood floor is ageless and makes for a long term investment.

Warmer Feel: Wood flooring provides greater warmth to the home compared to other options such as tiles, stone or concrete floors. The home can even feel warmer through the installation of under-floor heating beneath the wood floor surface.