Kitchen renovation and remodelling projects are some of the big projects you can complete in the home. Most homeowners have postponed kitchen renovation out of fear of costs involved and inconvenience caused. Even though a kitchen remodel is a big project, CP & Son will help stick to your budget and schedule to limit the upheaval caused to your typical day. There are myths associated with kitchen renovations that should not stop you from going ahead with the project. We will help you separate myth from fact so that your kitchen renovation project can proceed without hiccups.

6 myths about renovating a kitchen debunked

You Must Spend a Fixed Percentage of the Home’s Value in a Kitchen Remodeling

There are different types of kitchen remodelling projects. The type of kitchen renovation will determine your budget. You will not spend much on new lighting and wall coverings as opposed to getting new countertops, cabinets, and appliances.
Kitchen remodelling will take anything between 5 and 15% of your home’s value, depending on what you want to change/incorporate. A complete overhaul is the most expensive.

Kitchen Remodels are DIY Projects

Kitchen remodelling is a big project and should be carried out by professionals. Besides safety considerations, the new kitchen must rhyme with the overall design of your home. Ottawa kitchen renovations need the services of an experienced contractor who will do a perfect job the first time.

Kitchen Remodels Must Follow the Latest Trends

The kitchen remodel project should always meet your needs. Where you plan to live in the home indefinitely, renovate your kitchen to meet your needs. If you plan to sell the house in a few years, CP & Son will advise you on how to remodel the kitchen to make the home more appealing. The latest hot trends may fade away, leaving you with a horrible kitchen.

Lighting Can Be Figured Out Much Later

For the kitchen remodel project, lighting should not come as an afterthought. Ensure that your kitchen renovation contractor has experience handling lighting before the project commences. Choose your lighting carefully and have it incorporated into the kitchen design and remodelling budget. Lighting should be considered carefully to make your kitchen work as intended.

If Your Budget is Exceeded, a Cheaper Floor is Installed

The kitchen floor ties everything together for the kitchen remodel project. Many people believe they can cut their budget by installing a cheaper floor. It makes no sense to install high-end cabinets and cut corners with the choice of flooring. Choosing a cheaper floor will always backfire, with many homeowners replacing it after just a short period. Carefully consider your flooring option right from the beginning of the project.

Finally, beware of the myth that kitchen remodelling is too expensive.

Kitchen remodelling is not costly when you consider the function, comfort and enjoyment you get after the project. You get more work surfaces, storage, and updated appliances to improve the quality of life for your family.

Finding a contractor

If you are reading this, then the chances are that you are planning a kitchen renovation. If that is the case, contact CP & Son. They are general contractors who design and develop kitchen renovations in Ottawa and the surrounding areas with professionalism and expertise.