The fact that you are reading this article means that you are a bit familiar with epoxy at a certain level. But what exactly is this substance? What makes it so special? Read on to find out more.

How is epoxy made?

Epoxy is a mixture of two different substances; a resin and hardener. Mixing the hardener and resin using a particular formula results to this magical substance. When the hardener and resin, or the catalyst are mixed, the resultant product is a strong and rigid material. And to further enhance epoxy’s hardness factor, thermoplastic polymers might also be included.

Curing refers to when the molecular chains in compounds chemically react to form strong bonds. The degree of curing is determined by the kind of resin, utilized hardening compounds, and finally the temperature upon which curing is carried out. The outcome of this is that you could choose to utilize different epoxies based on your personal needs.

In fact, it is because of its exceptionally strong properties that epoxy is used to offer extra strength to safety helmets and airplane parts.

How is epoxy used?

Epoxy is often utilized as a strong adhesive for a variety of materials such as wood, metal, and so much more. It is sold in nearly all hardware stores as a general-purpose adhesive.

Apart from its extra-sticky composition, epoxy is also utilized as a binding agent for mortar and cement. In addition, it is a perfect non-skid coating in flooring garages or any other settings with a lot of machinery of activities.

Based on its properties, epoxy can also be used in s foam materials and industrial coatings. It might also be added as a part of sturdy plastics that are fiber-reinforced.

Properties of epoxy

The properties of epoxy are dependent on the chemical composition in which the two constituting ingredients (resin and hardener) were cured.

Epoxy is highly resistant to heat, chemicals, as well as water. It offers exceptional adhesion to a great variety of surfaces, which is precisely why it is normally sold for home renovation purposes.

Secondly, epoxy is an incredible insulator and can be utilized for both electrical and mechanical applications. Epoxy is a particularly tough material and you may even be shocked to find out that it is often utilized in the manufacture of things such as skateboards and snowboards.

Its long shelf life accompanied with no VOC emissions makes epoxy a perfect constituent for almost everything, from circuit boards to aircraft parts. From encapsulation to sealing and bonding, this remarkable material is greatly versatile.

From industrial parts to garage floors, epoxy provides a great range of applications and uses. It is quite versatile and could be customized for nearly everything imaginable.