The Origin Of Bubble Soccer


Bubble soccer was first invented in 2011 in Norway, starting off as just a joke by Henrik Elvestad & Johan Golden. Little did they know, they would actually set the foundation for an awesome and crazy new sport.

In April 2014, there was a video of bubble football that came from Algund, Italy that set the internet ablaze. There was a huge spike in Google traffic from the sport that went from barely any hits to millions of searches throughout the world in about a week, all because of a video that was posted on YouTube. Bubble soccer had become famous and the world wanted more.

As bubble soccer became known in the United States, it had the issues that made it difficult for people to play. First, it seemed to have limited availability of equipment, which made the initial operators fall because there were no standards in the industry that specified what a decent bumper ball would be. Combine this with the lack of willing underwriters for insurance because of the lack of claim history and you have a sport that was incredibly difficult to make successful.

The National Association of Bubble Soccer came on the scene in early 2014 with the goal of solving the issues at hand to grow this sport. There were a lack of formal game rules, quality equipment, and willing insurers, all of which needed to be tackled. Today, National bubble Soccer has written the book on the sport, in addition to providing the best quality equipment available.

When it comes to gameplay, there are standard soccer rules that apply, but full contact is allowed. However, various rules have been set into motion to make the game safe for players, which makes the affiliates and insurers able to operate and underwrite with peace of mind. Leagues and private rentals are available in over 35 North American cities and this was expected to double. If you are renting or playing in a NABS-authorized league or event, you can be assured that the game is administered to the official rules and organization procedures, that each operator is insured, and is using only the best quality equipment for player safety and experience.

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