A smile is an emotional response to all types of situations. Generally, a smile means happiness, or in some instances approval or laughter. In any case, a smile in Ottawa means a great deal. However, not everybody has a pleasant smile this is usually because of the shape of their teeth or overall state of their oral health.

What this does, is it affects a person’s social confidence. By fixing a person’s smile their confidence is returned and they can go on living a normal life. Typically, issues with a person’s teeth, originate with having crooked teeth. This is why people here in Ottawa wear braces.

Now, in the world of braces there are two different choices a person has. One choice is to go with the traditional metal braces that need constant adjustments and can be quite uncomfortable to deal with. Never mind the specific methods of cleaning the teeth that accompanies this type. The other type of brace is the invisible kind.

Invisible braces are more like an aligner try that the patient changes every two or three weeks, depending on the program. What’s more, is the aligner trays, are removable for eating and general oral hygiene practices such as flossing and brushing the teeth between meals. Each set of aligners trays is specifically designed to reposition the wearer’s teeth over an extended period of time, normally up to fifteen months on average.

Another advantage is they are available for both young and adult patients. Having a healthy smile adds to a persons self-esteem and overall confidence when it comes to socializing because it removes their reluctance to smile more often. However, it is always wise to consult with your Ottawa dentist on which type of braces will work the best for your individual needs.

Not everyone has the same set of teeth. Some are genetically inclined to have straight teeth from the onset of their life. Others need to have help, this is why braces both traditional and invisible are so important in the goal to get everyone to have a better smile. Why not do it with an invisible set of aligners that no one but you, and your Ottawa dentist knows about.

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