Plant Life Can Filter Out Noises Surrounding Your Home


Everyday life in Ottawa and Gatineau does generate a certain level of noise that can be distracting, such as traffic, playing children, and sometimes loud music. We all know that noise, in general, is more bothersome than helpful, certain levels are hazardous to our health overall. That said, unless you live next to a major highway, either one of the Rivers, or a large manufacturing plant that runs twenty-four hours, seven days a week, noise levels around your home should not be too much of a concern.

However, on the other hand, living here in Ottawa or Gatineau the flowing waters of the rivers both the Ottawa and the Rideau create a certain level of noise that can be filtered along with traffic noises with the use of a simple hedge or the addition of a tree line on your property. This works also in reducing what others can hear. While hedges, trees and gardens improve the environment overall, they also act as natural noise barriers when they are specifically placed to do so.

The type of plants that work well for this are Leyland Cypress, because they are evergreens and they provide a natural cover from peeping eyes and ears of individuals that are inclined to snoop. Moreover, this family of Cypress grows quickly, which facilitates them covering the landscape fully by reaching up to twenty-three meters in height at a rate of approximately one meter per year. Another good evergreen is the Arborvitae, which reaches a bit over fifteen meters.

Both the Arborvitae and the Leyland can grow in direct sunlight, however, the periodic high winds we experience in Ottawa and Gatineau can cause damage once they reach their mature heights. A third choice is the Eastern Red Cedar, while can grow to similar height the rate of growth is much slower comparably to the Arborvitae and the Leyland. A lesser known or common species are the Cryptomeria that works as well.

Nonetheless, if having tall trees is not what you want smaller trees and bushes can suffice and perform as good. Evergreen shrubs that grow as tall meters are highly effective at noise filtration and obscuring prying eyes. One such plant is the Osmanthus that reaches the five meter mark in addition it is available in various forms ranging in small leafed to large leafed and different colours.

Two other types of shrub the Bayberry and the Ligustrum are also great choices for creating a noise reduction barrier. Both also are available in different varieties. The Bayberry, a more popular choice in Ottawa and Gatineau, will grow to a height reaching six to seven meters and grows at a fast pace with a pleasant aroma.

When making a choice for the type of hedge you may want, you can mix it up a bit using varieties in different locations. One such example would be using a beech, golden cypress and a holly mix as a tapestry hedge. You may want to add colour by using flowering shrubs as well.

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