A popular trend today among homeowners is the practice of seeing the garage as an extension of the home. The trend has led to the demand for garage floor coatings for awesome finishes.

With the majority of garage floors being at least 25 percent of the size of the main floor in the home, it is justified to consider the garage an extension of the home. In some cases, the garage is the same size as the main floor in the home.

The garage will also offer the opportunity of converting the clearance about 6 feet into useful space for storage, a hobby area, or even a shop. For the garage to serve the dual purposes, it must have a clean, safe and extremely durable floor.

These are the most popular garage floor coatings that Garage Perfect offers here in Ottawa.

Decorative Flakes Floor

The decorative flakes are completely awesome and very easy to install. Outstanding characteristics of this system are that it is quite strong, it conceals dirt and it costs just the same as the installation of kitchen tiles. The decorative flakes floor is also trendy and non-slip.

The decorative flakes floor eliminates the need to scrub and wash that is common with the dusty old concrete slabs. The decorative flakes floor is also unlike the concrete floor that wears rapidly due to exposure to gunk and other strong chemicals.

Polished Concrete

The polished concrete floors are a good choice for areas where there are no concrete eating salts. The floor is not a good choice for garages where cars are left to thaw during winter.

The polished concrete floors are still very popular. Garage Perfect will help you to get the modern polished concrete that is free from contamination, corrosion free, free from tire staining and that is not exposed to salts.

Troweled Decorative Overlays

The troweled decorative overlay is an option that is great for a garage party family. The garage floor type is not as strong as the decorative flake floor but is preferred for light use garages, for storage, for cookouts and for car parking. Garage Perfect will have two options – the stone texture and the decorative scoring which appears like tile.

Contact Garage Perfect for information about garage floor coatings available in Ottawa. They will have you covered and provide the floor type of choice that is durable and will look great.