Preparing Yourself for Golf Season


Most professional golfers follow pre-season preparation schedules that are designed by their coaches or instructors to get them ready for the golf season. If you intend to enjoy and have a successful golf season at an Ottawa golf club, you should also prepare adequately.

In this post, I will share with you tips to help you prepare adequately for the upcoming golf season. Follow them and you will be ready to kick off the new season the right way.

1. Regain your touch

After spending a long time off the course, you will naturally feel as if you’ve lost your touch when you get back on the course. However, there are several training routines on YouTube that you can use to regain your touch and your swing on the tee box and at home. Use them to the maximum.

2. Hit the gym

You need strong gluteus muscles and other muscles to play good golf. So before the season starts, get into the gym and do exercises such as deadlifts and squats to get the strength and fitness you need to enjoy golf.

3. Practice the basics and enjoy yourself in the weeks before the start of the season

Hitting long and straight drives might feel like what you should be working on in the pre-season but it is not. Trying to be perfect or to do the extraordinary in the pre-season will disorient you. To get back into the groove, you should just practice the basics. Practice hitting all types of shots and enjoying yourself on the golf course. It will all come back to you slowly by slowly.

4. Practice on every aspect of the game

Don’t fear long grass or the sand or having to make difficult shots during practice. It is from practicing such difficult shots that you will be more comfortable hitting them in the season. So after about two weeks of practicing the basics, you should practice on every aspect of the game to get yourself fully ready for the season.

5. Get new shoes

Playing golf with bad shoes, non-golf shoes, or old shoes will affect your performance. Get new shoes early enough and break them in during your practice sessions to get them ready for the new season.

Now you have a better understanding of how to prepare for a golf season. Put all these tips to action and you will see a marked improvement in how you begin your season.



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