There are numerous flooring options available for the different kinds of applications ranging from cheaper options to the more expensive options. Hardwood floors are expensive but make a very good option for your Ottawa home since the floor is elegant and requires low maintenance.

Considering the lifespan of a hardwood floor, the following benefits of hardwoods will outweigh the initial installation cost.

Clean and Safe

The greatest advantage of hardwood floors is that they are safe and clean compared to other floor types. The hardwood floor requires simple wiping off dust and other debris which cannot be compared to carpets that trap dust and debris within the fibers. Hardwood flooring is therefore good for a healthier, safer and allergy free environment.

Low Maintenance

The initial cost of installation for hardwood floors is high compared to other flooring options. However, they require minimal maintenance and that brings about long-term savings. Continental Flooring will install and seal the hardwood floor surface to protect it and make it stain resistant. Where the floor has been scuffed, scratched or damage, it can be sanded, smoothed and then refinished.

Unrivaled Beauty and Value

Hardwood has a beautiful and unique final look born out of the grain pattern of the selected wood. The floor never goes out of style and is available in different colors, designs, grain pattern, and consistencies owing to a large selection of trees.

The hardwood floor also increases the overall value of the home and will be the reason why a house is quickly taken up from the market. The timeless appeal always sells according to Continental Flooring, flooring installation experts in Ottawa.


According to the Forest Service, the annual net growth of hardwoods is higher than the annual removal rate. That makes hardwood flooring good for the environment and abundantly available s a renewable flooring material.

Additionally, hardwood floors consume less energy and water for cleaning and maintenance. When finally removed, the floor can be recycled making is a sustainable product. Finally, the floor can last a lifetime compared to 10-15 years for carpet flooring.