Gates are the entrance to a property and even your home. As the entrance to the home, gates should be functional and beautiful since they will represent a lot about a home’s resident.

Wrought iron gates are both functional and elegant. Choose wrought iron gates and make your property stand out with minimal effort. The following are the reasons why the wrought iron gates should be the best choice for your home.

a)      Superb Resistance to Rust

Wrought iron is actually more resistant to rust compared to regular iron. Wrought iron is an alloy of iron and slag, a material that is fibrous in nature. Slag makes wrought iron resistant rust. Therefore, the beauty of the wrought iron gate is long lasting.

b)      Easy Restoration

You can bring the tired-looking wrought iron gate back to life very easily. A simple paint job will give the gate a makeover and it will look great for 3 to 4 years. An elaborate paint job will uplift the appearance of the gate for another 10 years.

c)      Tremendous Durability

Compared to other options such as vinyl and wood, wrought iron is extremely durable. Wrought iron is a tough material and is resistant to impact compared to other materials used to make gates. Wrought iron gates are very strong and can resist shock, denting and bending.

d)      Better Security of the Home

Security is a major concern for a home with kids and pets. Some of the concerns are children getting on the road unsupervised or even jumping into the swimming pool while an adult is not around.

Wrought iron gates for the property and to seal off the swimming pool form good barriers that keep children and pets away from danger. The gates will also keep unwanted guests from gaining access to the property.

e)      Ability to Customize the Gate

A unique characteristic of wrought iron is its malleability. Therefore, the wrought iron can be shaped into the desired design since it is ductile and elastic. Unlike many other metals and alloys, wrought iron helps in bringing our stylish, elegant and unique gate designs.

f)       Ease of Repair

You must not incur huge expenses replacing an entire gate if your wrought iron gate requires repairs. With the help of professionals such as ABD IronWorld in Ottawa, the damaged wrought iron gate can be easily repaired and restored to its former glory.

g)      Adds Value to a Property

Wrought iron gate carries an appeal, a charm and a beauty like no other gate material. When these features are added to a property, they result in an increase in the value of the property. You can ask for a better resale value with the presence of a wrought iron gate.

h)      A Reflection of Your Personality

With the ability to mold wrought iron into a preferred style such as decorative twists, curves, and elaborate scrolls, ABD IronWorld can custom make the gate to the exact ideas of a homeowner. Some people may have their initial out n the gate.

The ability to personalize the gate will allow your personality to shine through and make the boundaries of your property unique, chic and a reflection of style.

i)        Helps Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Wrought iron gates are a good choice for people who are conscious about the environment. Since the gates can last very long, you actually help save natural resources by having wrought iron gates. The old and replaced wrought iron gates can be sold to scrap metal dealers and antique stores and fetch handsome prices.

Some Disadvantages

There are a number of things that you must know before committing to buying the wrought iron gates.

Cost: The elegant and rustic beauty of wrought iron is not without a price tag. The creation of the wrought iron alloy and the molding of the alloy into the beautiful design and shapes is labor intensive and will push associated costs very high. The wrought iron gates might not be a fit for every budget.

Privacy: The designs of wrought iron gates are limited to curves, bars, twists and swirls which leave spaces in the gate. The ability of people to see through the gate into your property comprises on your privacy.wad