Pool pumps play an important role in maintaining the flow of water from the pool and back into the pool. A pool pump is composed of brass or plastic impeller that is connected to a shaft driven by an electric motor to pull water from the pool. The water is under a vacuum as it gets into the pump creating suction. The water is then placed under pressure to be pushed until it is released into the pool.

The motor of the pool pump is designed to run for anything between 8 and 10 years without the need for repairs. Once the motor gets damaged, there is no need to change the pool pump since the motor can be repaired or replaced.

Laughlin Pools provides repair and replacement services and maintenance services for pool pumps in Kanata. Some of the common challenges that are associated with pool pumps are:

  • Leaking pumps – the thread fitting may shrink due to heating which leading to dripping water and eventually a spray or running water. The thread fitting can be replaced with a high temp thread fitting to prevent recurrence of the problem. Leaking pumps can also be as a result of a worn out mechanical shaft seal. The seal acts as the separation between the wet and dry ends of the pump. The motor constitutes the dry end of the pump and facilitates the motor shaft to enter the pump and spin without leaking water.
  • The air within the pump basket – there should be no air freely operating in the pump. A vacuum is necessary for the effective operation of the pump. The air within the pump basket will allow a buildup of air in the filter with devastating consequences and will compromise filtering efficiency.
  • Noisy Pump Motor – a noisy pump is most likely caused by the front and rear bearings on the motor shaft which is sealed and can’t be lubricated or re-packed. The solution to the problem is replacing the screeching bearings.

If you need prompt pump repair services in Kanata, contact Laughlin Pools for the job. We are able to comfortably handle all repairs right from the small jobs to the complex repair or replacement of sensitive pump components. Our experienced and friendly professional will arrive at your location fully equipped and within the shortest time possible.