Septic Tank Care Improves the House


One of the most important systems in your house is the septic tank. Since the tank is underground people have a tendency to forget that it needs regular care. There are two main reasons why caring for the septic tank is so important. The first reason is that sludge and solid waste builds up which can cause the system to break down, and if it breaks down you will have hefty repair costs. The second reason is that the waste that collects in there is not very healthy for your household. Septic tank care helps it to work properly, and can save you money.

Various procedures are used to clean the septic tank in your home. The procedure that is used will depend on what kind of septic tank system is installed. Majority of tanks have two holes that permit interior access. The most common procedures utilized to clean and maintain the tank are:

-          Removal by vibration: In order to completely clean a tank with lots of solid waste or sludge a vibration removal device is utilized. The vibration device is affixed to the tank’s bottom, and then turned on. This device works by vibrating the solid layers loose for easy removal.

-          Removal by water: This method of removal is the most common. It works by spraying the tank interior with water and disinfectants. Doing this cleans away the solid waste build-up on the tank’s bottom.

-          Labor-intensive removal: This method is utilized when the previous two fail to get everything. Labor-intensive removal involves professional cleaners to physically clean the tank.

After the interior is clean it is time to clean the outside of the tank. The cleaning is done with water. Since the water runoff from cleaning the outside of a tank is contaminated it is poured into containers, and then poured into sewage reservoirs.

Maintaining the septic system is not in the forethoughts of most individuals. That is why it is better to have a professional company that services septic systems. They can ensure that it is done on time and properly.


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