If there is any part of the human body that suffers the most, it is our feet. Our feet take the brunt of the abuse that our bodies endure throughout our lifetime. The human body is a universal marvel from the aspects of engineering and mechanics. Without our feet, not to point the obvious, we could not walk, stand, or run.

Nevertheless, this is one, or rather two parts of our body that we must take care to stay healthy. While podiatry is not as commonly known practice, as paediatrics in Ottawa, it is just as important as having heart surgery if an individual begins having issues with their feet. Podiatry does not stop at the feet it covers the legs and ankles in addition.

Podiatry is a medical practice, and therefore demands state and national recognition through licencing and board exams. Unfortunately, the need for this type of doctor has begun to expand due to the prevalence and turn to a sedentary lifestyle. We can thank technology for this.

The issues that  Ottawa podiatrist see that are on the rise stem from people becoming overweight, which results in overworking the legs, feet, and ankles of an individual. In cases of obesity, and anywhere else, diseases such as diabetes and arthritis result in serious conditions that can eventually affect a person’s mobility.

Naturally, understanding how to care for our feet, in addition to our overall health, will help keep our bodies in shape and healthy here in Ottawa. Foot care consists of sitting down and taking the pressure off, by removing your shoes and propping your legs up off the floor. Washing your feet and trimming your toe nails are also part of proper foot care.

Additionally, wearing shoes that support the arch of the foot correctly helps too. In scenarios where an individual works on their feet in daily, with standing in one place or walking on concrete floors, inserts are a good idea for added support of the ankles, knees, and lower back. All of these things are part of our personal hygiene.

Subsequently, from the hygienic point of view, the type of socks we wear can affect our feet. Materials that cause the feet to sweat create an environment for the possibility for fungus to grow such as athletes foot or toenail fungus. This is why washing your feet and keeping them dry is important.

In instances where the issue becomes evident, such as dry itchy skin, numbness, pain, or thickening of the toenails, it may be wise to visit an Ottawa podiatrist to help find what is causing the issue and to help find a remedy. If you have questions or concerns, locate a local podiatrist in Ottawa for more information.