Surrogacy as a medical option for couples seeking to have children of their own is a journey of tedious selection and challenges with social acceptance. However, surrogacy continues to gain in popularity and acceptance as people become more aware of the options and the process involved.

Surrogacy is a method of in-vitro fertilization where fertilization happens outside of the body and the embryo is then implanted in the uterus of a non-related, third-party surrogate mother. The surrogate mother carried the pregnancy to full term and then hand over the baby to the full custody of the biological parents.

Surrogacy offers heterosexual couples who have problems such as cancer, sterilization, genetic conditions, cancer, and unsuccessful surgeries or IVF cycles an opportunity to have a child with their own DNA. Surrogacy has also become an option for same-sex couples as well as single people who want to have children biologically linked to them.

One aspect of surrogacy that presents a big challenge is that of finding a surrogate who shares in the values and views of the person/couple seeking to have a child. The process of finding a surrogate mother can be simplified through the use of Fertility Match found in Ottawa that connects the prospective couples or individuals to potential candidates.

Once a surrogate is found, they will receive the embryo and carry the pregnancy to full term when they deliver and forfeit full custody to the biological parents. It is an obligation that they engage in a lifestyle or behaviors that lead to the development of a healthy baby. The biological parents of the child are referred to as the intended parents. They must go through all legal processes before the birth of the child to secure their parental rights.

The intended parents irrespective of their backgrounds share a common strong desire to have their own children and add to their families. Some of the benefits of surrogacy include the ability of intended parents to raise a child from birth. The intended parents get to be involved in the pregnancy experience right from the transfer of the embryo to the birth of the child.

Other benefits of surrogacy include gestational surrogacy allowing one or both parents to be biologically related to their child. The intended parents will not face restrictions such as age common with the adoption process.

Surrogacy is also not without challenges for the intended parents who must go through physically and emotionally challenging moments. The intended parents will go through a thorough screening process such as fertility treatments and numerous appointments. Fertility Match provides counseling services to help handle emotional upheaval during the process.

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